MARCH 30, 2020 

Celebrity Fashion: Dynasty’s Elaine Hendrix in VEERAH

Actress Elaine Hendrix rocks VEERAH for the 1980s TV show reboot, Dynasty.

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Actress Elaine Hendrix is the new Alexis Carrington in Dynasty’s reboot (Photo from:

Ah, the 1980s: an age of excess and extravagance that trickled down to fashion. Defined by shoulder pads, neons, fully sequined frocks, “excess-orizing”, permed hair, and all that jazz; it became one of fashion’s most eclectic (or maybe iconic) decades. Looking back, there was one TV show that truly captured that era: Dynasty. The show ran from 1981-1989 and rose to popularity with its over-the-top costumes, catfights, and powerful ensemble cast.

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The ruthless Alexis Harrington now and then: Elaine Hendrix today and Joan Collins in the 1980s (Photos from: and

Enter 2017, Dynasty was given a revival and reboot through CW (and Netflix, too), in a modern-day setting but with the same drama. Actress Elaine Hendrix stars as the scheming Alexis Carrington—played in the eighties by Joan Collins; Nicollette Sheridan for the first two seasons of the current show, and briefly, Elizabeth Gillies—always ready to play tricks up her sleeve. Instead of dissecting her character, let’s go straight to her fashion instead!

It may be a feat to create the new Dynasty's wardrobe knowing how influential it was back then, but we think costume designer, Meredith Markworth-Pollack, is doing a fantastic job with all of the characters’ looks. And guess what? She made VEERAH part of the outfits created for Elaine’s oh-so-chic character! In one of the scenes, the show actually recreated the famous lily pond fight and this is where you’ll spot Elaine in our Mulan Midnight Black with Orchid Brooch. Not the ideal outfit for being thrown in the pond, but definitely one dressy summer ensemble to cop!

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The Mulan Midnight Black paired with our Orchid Brooch on Elaine Hendrix (Photo from @dynastycloset); Elaine Hendrix as Dynasty’s Alexis Carrington (Photo from @elaine4animals)

It didn't stop there, as Elaine wore VEERAH for two more of her outfits; one in the 12th episode, and the other in the 13th of Season 3. She looked ever so posh in black frocks reminiscent of the eighties, with the Venus Black Tie strappy sandal. Could black be her character’s signature color? We think so!

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Elaine donned a slinky ruched dress with the Venus in Black Tie in Episode 12 of Dynasty’s Season 3 (Photos from @dynastycloset)

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Elaine in a cinched, glitter bodycon dress paired again with the Venus in Black Tie in Dynasty's “You See Most Things in Black and White” episode (Photos from @dynastycloset and

Now that the show has been renewed for a fourth season, we’ll keep our eyes peeled on Alexis’ future outfits. Who knows? Her character might wear VEERAH again.

You can binge-watch Dynasty on CW and Netflix.

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