JUNE 10, 2020

Keep Your Home Clean, The Vegan, Cruelty-Free Way

There’s more to living cruelty-free than just being mindful of what we eat and what we wear.

As more and more people are adopting the vegan lifestyle, the trend is shifting from old, outdated product development practices to procedures that take the environment into consideration. This massive, self-aware shift is what we call ethical consumerism, and it’s manifesting in all aspects of our everyday lives.

Ethical brands

Going vegan isn’t just about what you eat—it’s about what you use, too. PHOTO BY DepositPhotos

One major example is the cleaning industry. Ethical brands and eco-friendly companies are on the rise, offering a wide range of products that fulfill our household cleaning needs in cruelty-free ways. Hence, the increasing availability and popularity of vegan soaps, degreasers, detergents, multi-purpose cleaners, polishes, and other home care products.

But what are vegan cleaning products, and what makes them cruelty-free? More importantly, how can you tell which cleaning products are made by so-called green companies?

What Are Vegan Cleaning Products?

When we talk about vegan or cruelty-free cleaning products, we mean two things. First, the products should not feature any ingredients derived from animals. Second, the products should not have been tested on animals.

In the past, it was standard practice for many companies to test their products on animals. However, with increasing pressure and demand from consumers to prioritize animal welfare, a growing number of companies are going green.

China, the world’s biggest manufacturer of many types of products across industries, formally announced in 2019 that it would veer away from animal testing.

Meanwhile, in Britain, animal testing for household product safety and quality has been banned for over a decade already (save for a few legal loopholes). That only covers one of the two requirements, though.

How to Know Which Cleaning Products Are Vegan:
Check The Label

Much like with food, vegan cleaning products must also not contain any ingredients taken from animal sources. It may be hard to verify this if you’re not aware of what these components are formally called.

Before you buy any product that claims to be “vegan” or “cruelty-free,” make sure to check the label of the product first. Watch out for the following compounds, which are all animal-based:

  • Animal lecithin, or waxy nervous tissue;
  • Animal glycerol and stearic acid, which both pertain to animal fat;
  • Beeswax, which is taken from honeycombs and made by bees;
  • Caprylic acid, which comes from cow’s milk;
  • Lanolin, which comes from sheep’s wool;
  • Oleyl alcohol, which is taken from fish; and
  • Tallow, which is basically rendered beef fat.

There’s an easier way to tell which products are truly vegan or cruelty-free, though, and it only takes one glance at the packaging. If you see the Leaping Bunny Logo on the product, that’s a sign that it’s vegan. This symbol is the only internationally recognized logo that assures consumers that no animal testing was conducted on the product.

the leaping bunny logo

The Leaping Bunny Logo. PHOTO BY Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC)

Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

Be careful: Not everything that cleans is clean of animal cruelty. Photo by Anna Shvets/Pexels

Brands That Offer Vegan/Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

Now that you know what vegan cleaning products are, you might want to start buying them for your home. We’ve saved you the trouble of having to search by doing the research for you!
Here are some of the many green companies providing vegan or cruelty-free cleaning products in the market today:

The Good Home Co. features a line of cleaning products that are mostly vegan. (We say “mostly” because it has one non-vegan product: a body wash made with beeswax.) However, the brand assures us that none of its products have been tested on animals. So if you’re in the market for laundry supplies, dishwashing soap, or other cleaning products, you’ll want to check them out.

Another “almost-vegan” on our list is U.S.-based company Dr. Bronner’s, a family-owned manufacturer of organic soaps, liquid cleaners, and other household products. Save for a couple of items that have beeswax in them, majority of their product offerings are vegan. The brand itself has also confirmed that their manufacturing process is cruelty-free. Some of their products include sustainable soap bars made out of palm oil from Ghana, as well as an ultra-concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner that does not cause skin irritation.

Next on the list is ECOS, a company that prides itself on its all-plant-based product line. Like the other brands on this list, they don’t use animal testing in their product development; additionally, they make it a point to use recycled paper whenever possible. Their award-winning line of vegan cleaning products includes the all-natural Dishmate dish soap.

Mrs. Meyers is another well-known brand when it comes to vegan and cruelty-free cleaning products. Their range of dishwashing agents, detergents, laundry soaps, and household cleaning solutions are verified to be cruelty-free and devoid of any animal ingredients.

Last but not the least is Nature Clean, which offers a selection of non-toxic (or as they say, “Nasty Chemical-Free since 1963”), vegan, and cruelty-free cleaning products such as laundry liquids, all-purpose cleaning lotions, and stinkbomb sprays.

So, what are you waiting for, #VEERAHwarriors?
Clean your household the guilt-free way with these vegan options.


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