Algae foam cushion

VEERAH finds plush comfort
in an unlikely substance.

Veerah finds plush comfort in an unlikely substance.

They sound like a good thing, but algal blooms can cause massive harm to aquatic systems. Even non-toxic algal outbreaks deplete the water's oxygen and clog the fins and gills of marine life.

Under the bold expertise of VEERAH allies, excess algae.

have found a nobler purpose: providing luxurious comfort to today's cosmopolitan warriors. Algae foam forms our opulent VEERAH insoles, a pair of which saves 11 gallons of filtered water and keeps 8 balloons of CO2 out of the atmosphere.


A fauna-friendly device
harvests algae-laden water
and safety filters the water
back into the environment.


The algae clump together
into larger masses that are
collected into a tank.


The algae are dried
and grounds into a fine
powder that serves as
a filler for foam.


Replacing more than 30% of
petroleum in traditional foam,
algae biomass forms the soft,
durable, and lightweight
cushioning support every
VEERAH woman deserves.

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