JUNE 8, 2020

How VEERAH Warriors Are Stepping Up

There are many ways to help during these times of uncertainty,
and supporting No Kid Hungry is one of them.

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One thing worth spreading in these times of uncertainty

If there is one thing we have learned while navigating the past few months, it is to be present. If we have already acknowledged the reality of living in this time of the pandemic, then we must also acknowledge the reality of the continued fight for justice and equality, most especially by the Black community. Our hearts and minds are, now more than ever, open to everyone seeking love, compassion, support, and kindness.
As one put it, “All lives can’t matter until Black lives matter.”  

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We’ve partnered with Brands x Better to give back to the vulnerable ones 

VEERAH is a female-led, minority-owned brand. We passionately believe that beauty, talent, substance, and individuality is possessed by everyone; regardless of color, race, gender, size, and religion. We use our voices and influence to spread love and positivity, and our strength against racism and inequality. We believe that we rise by lifting others. That’s why it brings us much joy to team up with Brands x Better in supporting No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization that aims to end child hunger in America. To date, the coalition has raised over $3.1M.

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No Kid Hungry works with schools and community groups across the US, and with or without classes, their goal to feed kids and families affected by the pandemic continues. (Photo from @nokidhungry)

The children are our future. They should be loved, nurtured, and educated. By giving them a safe environment where there is diversity and empathy, we are allowing them to become citizens of the world. By providing them with nutritious food and prioritizing their well-being, we are allowing them to grow up as strong and healthy individuals. This is why we are taking action by supporting No Kid Hungry’s efforts to shape our future.

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Aren’t their smiles infectious? (Photo from @nokidhungry)

We’d like to share with you a powerful message we’ve received from Billy Shore, Executive Chair, and Tom Nelson, President and CEO, of No Kid Hungry:

“Even though it may seem implicit in who we are as an organization, we must say out loud: Black lives matter. The killing of unarmed black men and women, and every other form and manifestation of racism is unacceptable. For those who don’t think that’s the business of an anti-hunger organization, we must also say out loud: it is the business of all human beings. Systemic racism is a reason why people of color make up a disproportionate share of the hungry. Hunger cannot and will not be solved until systemic obstacles like racism that give rise to poverty and inequality are addressed. We are committed to amplifying our impact in this area.”

Do Good and Look Incredible when you shop our special sale where we're donating 10% of all proceeds to No Kid Hungry. GIVE + SHOP by taking 10% off on all full-priced shoes and shoe accessories using the code SUPER10. Compassion is contagious. 

Learn more about No Kid Hungry and other ways to help by visiting their website.

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