Beautifully designed.
Responsibly made.
And did we mention they’re PETA-approved vegan?

Every VEERAH shoe is proof that we can have MORE FASHION and LESS FOOTPRINT.

Every VEERAH shoe is proof that we can



INSPIRED BY WOMEN. We know firsthand what it takes to get your foot in the door, and we make shoes that reflect both the challenge and courage it takes to get there. Each classic and thoughtfully-designed VEERAH silhouette bears the name of legendary female icons and trailblazers who inspire us every day. In fact, our admiration for these extraordinary “sheroes” was the catalyst for our core philosophy to “Do Good + Look Incredible”. Empowering all women to adopt the mindset that that they can conquer the world in style and make a positive impact on society is the driving force behind VEERAH.

MADE FOR WARRIORS. Our women-led design team understands that VEERAH Warriors need to be battle-ready — this is why we created an effortlessly transitional collection of day-to-night looks that challenge the idea of “one style fits all” and express your own uniqueness.

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TAILORED VERSATILITY. Removable accessories serve the individual styles of our cosmopolitan heroines, and provide multiple looks with just one pair of VEERAH shoes. The chic add-on brooches, tassels and straps compliment the demands of their dynamic, fast-paced and conscientious lifestyle while making elegance fun and not to mention saving luggage space during travel.

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DESIGNED FOR COMFORT. Modern day warriors need shoes that they can go all day, but not all of us fit the same mold. For this reason, our design team conducts numerous rounds of fittings to find the perfect balance between style and comfort.

True luxury must be seen and felt, so each beautifully designed shoe is also outfitted with memory foam cushioning and other features like organic cotton linings and anti-slip outsoles to ensure cloud-like comfort with your first step and last.

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“We are committed to making diligent efforts to work with our partners to develop a fashion business that prioritizes social responsibility and environmental stewardship.”

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We meticulously hand-select our production and manufacturing partners who share the same commitment towards sustainable and ethical practices. We are committed to ensure that working conditions in VEERAH’s supply chain are safe and the workers are treated with respect and dignity. Starting in February 2023, we require our partners to comply with our Code of Conduct in order to continue business relationships. This Code of Conduct is developed based on the International Labour Organization’s Labor Standards and the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights. We expect our business partners to comply with this code in order to continue business relationships. It is just a starting point and we acknowledge that there is still ample opportunity for improvement. We are committed to making diligent efforts to work with our partners to develop a fashion business that prioritizes social responsibility and environmental stewardship. Through this continuous process, our goal is to create a well-rounded supply chain that fulfills our vision and meets our shared values.

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HOME OF OUR MANUFACTURING.  Today, VEERAH shoes are carefully handcrafted in small-scale workshops by highly-skilled footwear artisans in New Taipei City of Taiwan and Guangdong Province of China. Many of our artisans are third-generation experts who have honed their craft to become world leaders in shoe craftsmanship with dedicated teams armed with decades of experience in working with renowned international luxury footwear brands.

LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN. Preserving the environment is our top priority. To achieve this, we keep our production runs small, reducing excess inventory and waste common in the fashion industry. Our commitment to quality over quantity ensures that each item we produce is of exceptional quality, offering our customers a responsible shopping experience. We appreciate our customers who share our values and patiently wait for out-of-stock items, knowing that they are making a positive impact on the environment alongside us.

The VEERAH team spends a tremendous amount of time on the factory grounds to directly manage product quality, working conditions, and relationships with the workers. Want to see and learn more? Check out unfiltered #BTS footage in our IG highlights to meet our manufacturing team. 

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