JANUARY 20, 2020

The Dish on Doing Good and Looking Incredible

Our Chief Warrior Stacey Chang traces the roots of VEERAH as she chats with vegan actress & activist, Evanna Lynch, on The ChickPeeps Podcast.

VEERAH, vegan leather shoes

We are beaming, or rather, blooming with pride as we listen to VEERAH’s Chief Warrior, Stacey Chang, on The ChickPeeps Podcast

What better way to start or continue your vegan journey than by keeping yourself informed and motivated through people, books, news, groups, social media, and (in this day and age) podcasts, right? Today, we shine a spotlight on The ChickPeeps, a weekly vegan podcast where the hosts and their featured guests converse about the joys and challenges of living the vegan lifestyle. Created by Irish actress, vegan activist, and entrepreneur, Evanna Lynch; she talks to our Chief Warrior and VEERAH founder, Stacey Chang, for episode 10 (they’re now on Season 2!) on the pod.

vegan leather

Stacey talks to Irish actress and The ChickPeeps Podcast creator, Evanna Lynch

In this episode, discover how Stacey defied the norms of the fashion industry by designing the world through her own eyes and launching not just any shoe brand in 2016, but a sustainable luxury one at that. She considers veganism a core value of VEERAH and is set on making beauty and compassion coexist in an industry where it seems impossible. Here, Evanna also reveals how she learned about the brand and that she proudly tells the people who compliment her that her pair of VEERAH’s are miraculously made of apples (aww!).

vegan leather shoes

VEERAH APPEEL collection, is purposefully designed from renewable apple peels, a VEERAH OG!

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