JAN 20, 2022

VEERAH Brides: Becky Altman


This VEERAH Bride went for a vegan and sustainable elopement that’s one for the books. Not to mention, her badass vegan bridal look in our Mulan pumps.

Times have changed, and so have weddings. Due to the pandemic, we’ve seen brides shift from huge gatherings to more intimate ones. Nevertheless, couples have gotten more creative without breaking the bank. Case in point? VEERAH Bride Becky Altman and her groom, Bryan McQuaid. The cool couple opted for an elopement, and a vegan, sustainable one at that. We chatted with Becky and learned about her experience as a vegan bride. Up-and-coming brides, take notes!

comfortable wedding pumps

VEERAH Bride Becky Altman and her husband, musician Bryan McQuaid.

Congratulations on recently getting married! Most brides in the “new normal” had to postpone their original wedding dates. Did you also have to move your date, or did it push through as planned? 

We actually did the reverse of most couples. We had a larger, more traditional wedding planned for fall 2021, but decided to scrap it and elope in March. 

comfortable wedding pumps

The radiant bride at the coolest venue, HIP at the Flashlight Factory

Can you share how you came up with your wedding theme? What were your inspirations?

We didn’t really have an official wedding theme, as much as we had a commitment to ourselves. We are pretty simple and direct people, both in relationships and style. Originally, I wanted to have this gorgeous sustainable, vegan wedding. But as I started to get more into planning, the more the focus started to get off of us. We had been thinking about eloping at the courthouse from the start, but felt like it would be too impersonal. With a little innovation, we were able to create a very special, intimate day that reflected who we are as a couple. We are both private people, and having a day of moments that were just ours felt right. 

intimate vegan wedding

Bryan and Becky skipped having a traditional wedding for a more solemn elopement.

intimate vegan wedding
vegan wedding prep

From serious to candid real quick.

intimate vegan wedding

“Deciding to elope definitely reinforced that we are a team and this was truly a day for us,” says Becky.

What was the most memorable part of the planning process?

Honestly, it was realizing how expensive and busy a traditional wedding would be. Planning was incredibly stressful until we decided to elope. As soon as that pressure was off, we realized we could do whatever we wanted.

intimate vegan wedding

A touching moment captured by their wedding photographer, Loren De Marco.

intimate vegan wedding

The couple with their guests of honor.

What were your non-negotiables for the wedding?

It was extremely important to have a vegan, sustainable wedding. I’ve been vegan for 22 years, and I planned it so all of our food, drinks, decorations, and clothing were vegan. We originally planned for a wedding at Eden Hall, a sustainable farming campus of Chatham University, my alma mater. They grow all their own produce, and we could even choose what we wanted  for the wedding. They had packages where it was all glass and cloth for table settings. 

We came to realize that weddings, even when planned to be more sustainable, can create a lot of waste. We decided instead to get a gorgeous loft ten minutes from our home, do a very small (three guests) self-uniting ceremony, and get takeout from Apteka, a vegan Polish restaurant. I made our wedding cake, and did my own makeup. Everything was chill and simple, and we were relaxing in a hot tub by nine that night.

intimate vegan wedding diy makeup

Yup, Becky did her own makeup!

vegan wedding groom

Bryan getting ready to be a groom.

We noticed cool, personal touches to your wedding looks, like your leather jacket (you also went for our Mulan pumps in Deepsea Blue!) and Bryan’s Vans sneakers. Were your final outfits a surprise to each other, or did one help the other style-wise?

Bryan didn’t see any of my outfits before our ceremony. The jacket is actually faux leather, and it just happened to be the jacket I had with me before we ran out to get pictures with our photographer. In retrospect, I really appreciate the strong Buffy vibe (movie, not show) the outfit had. I was adamant about getting blue heels for the wedding. I was so excited to find Veerah—fierce style, vegan, sustainable, and woman-owned.

Jenny Yoo wedding dress
vegan wedding prep
Jenny Yoo wedding dress

Becky went for Jenny Yoo separates for her wedding frock.

vegan wedding prep groom
Veerah Mulan designer vegan pumps - something blue for wedding

His and hers. Bryan went for casual cool in his Vans sneakers, while Becky chose the Mulan designer vegan pumps for her bridal shoes and "something blue."

Let’s talk about your dress, or rather, separates! What made you say "yes to the dress?" 

I wore the Jenny Yoo Collette top and Clarke skirt. It was the only outfit that felt like me. It was simple and clean. I knew I’d be able to move confidently in both.

Vegan wedding style
Vegan wedding style

Husband and wife, out and about.

MULAN vegan wedding shoes

Becky’s vegan leather jacket and Mulan vegan pumps were the finishing touches to her Buffy-fied bridal ensemble.

Any tips for eco-conscious brides?

Shop local. Look for florists that grow locally. Have a plant-based menu. Consider renting your dress, or getting one secondhand.

vegan wedding cake

Becky acted as her own pastry chef for the big day by making their wedding cake. How awesome, right?

vegan wedding cake

Brian looking excited to taste his wife’s creation.

vegan wedding cake

Serving some for their guests too.

vegan wedding cake

Time for a toast!

Vegan wedding - vegan food
Vegan wedding - vegan food

The couple grabbed a snack from a vegan food stall in the area called ShadoBeni.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to in this new chapter as a wife? Any goals you’d like to achieve in the coming year?

Honestly, I’d never wanted to get married before Bryan, so it’s weird to think of being a wife. Nothing feels different in our relationship. We are equal partners who support each other and care for each other through it all. Part of that partnership is working towards opening our own farmed animal sanctuary in the next few years. We are currently in the planning stages and extremely excited to be able to do this as a team. We are in the process of buying a bigger house and some land to start our farmed animal microsanctuary. We can’t wait to meet our first rescues!

vegan wedding style
MULAN comfortable wedding shoes
vegan wedding style

More stunning photos of the couple. Congratulations again, Becky and Bryan!

If this couple’s wedding doesn’t make you consider eloping, we don’t know what would. As Becky put it, “With a little innovation, we were able to create a very special, intimate day that reflected who we are as a couple.” Not only does their vegan wedding create a lasting impact of true love, but it also shows a ton of personality. We hope you enjoyed reading through Becky and Bryan’s story as much as we did. Until the next VEERAH Brides feature, Warriors!


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