JULY 21, 2020

How to Wear Vicky: Featured in Gold Rush

Here are three ways to style the Vicky in Gold Rush this summer.

So many things have happened over the past few months, but we guarantee you: Summer isn’t cancelled! Plans may have changed, but you can always make new ones—like that coffee run with a girlfriend or that beach trip that’s now moved to dry land. While we can’t hop on a plane just yet, we urge you to still enjoy the best of summer every (and the safest) way possible.

We know you love heels as much as we do, but our Vicky flat is such a summer staple—they’re flat-out fabulous and super comfy (thanks to its sneaker-like cushioned support). They are practically the next best thing to bare feet, whether you’re prancing about at home or out running errands. The season’s color focus? The Vicky in Gold Rush! Not only will they level up your warm weather wardrobe, but also give your look just the right amount of sheen to glow-up any ensemble.

Inspired by staying home with a wanderlust mind, we’ve put together three sustainable, summer-perfect outfits to wear with the Vicky in Gold Rush.

(Jump) suit up!

A jumpsuit is the new swimsuit; well, at least for now while we can’t take a dip in the ocean just yet. Choose one in a breezy silhouette with a vibrant color and tropical print, reminiscent of a beach getaway. Go modern yet minimal in accessorizing your look with these drop danglers, and put your hair up to show them off. Heading out? Carry a smaller sized bag (than usual) with just your essentials, and a new read to keep you company.

Swimwear for the City

Yes, your swimwear can still see the light of day this season! Take them out for that sunbathing sesh by the balcony, then wear as a top for the rest of the day. Pair them with knee-length shorts for a tomboy chic vibe, and add a light jacket if it gets chilly. Finish off with eye-catching accessories like this twist headband and mixed metal necklace. This muted, earthy palette surely brings out Vicky’s posh color.

Show Your Love for Animals

Staying true to the VEERAH ethos, we think the best way to “wear animals” is to simply use images or representations of them as textile prints. Don a print-on-print outfit without going overboard—remember, balance is key. Dress up a white tee with this multicolor sketch print skirt and moonstone studs. Stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays with this in-theme hat, and break the play of colors with a handy black purse. Take this fun yet feminine ensemble on a casual date or meeting (blazer optional).

Which look is your favorite? Let us know know how you would wear the Vicky flats in Gold Rush. Tag us on social with #VEERAHwarriors.

P.S. We cannot emphasize enough that despite the easing of quarantine restrictions, we still encourage you to stay home as much as possible. If you must go out, don’t forget to wear a mask and always bring a sanitizing kit (with hand sanitizer/alcohol, wet wipes, etc.) with you. Stay safe and healthy, #VEERAHwarriors!