JUNE 18, 2020

5 Celebrities Who Are Turning The Tide With Sustainable Fashion

The world of fashion is ever-evolving - dynamic, creative, fearless. It is a niche that is a cut above the rest, even to the point of being unapologetic. In today’s fashion industry, there is an emerging trend and buzz words such as ”sustainable,” “fair trade,” “eco-friendly,” and “ethical” fashion echo on Instagram and other social media platforms. The movement towards a more environmentally-friendly approach is indeed a breath of fresh air in what used to be an ecosystem of merciless predators, hiding in wolves’ skin, pun intended.

Today, people are increasingly gaining knowledge and becoming more conscious of how much carbon footprint their fashion choices emit. And among those pioneering this pivotal movement are fashion brands and celebrities. Celebrities are role models. They massively influence people and create a following, especially the younger generation, regardless if they intend it or otherwise. With great power really lies great responsibilities.

Fortunately, some women advocates take their stand and voice concerns on social media in a responsible way, patronizing a more ethical lifestyle, taking ideologies to a higher level, and promoting goods that improve their lives and the lives of other humans and animals. Indeed, they are resonating with the growing public and having a significant impact on others. Seeing women in the spotlight and taking a stand for their beliefs inspire us to take that same route and do our part to make the world a better place. The increasing number of green carpets replacing the former reds are proof that people are embracing this phenomenal change.

We have rounded up five influential celebrities who are transforming the fashion industry, paying attention to raw materials and how they are sourced, manufactured, sold, or even exploring the potential of recycling. While the movement is still a work in progress, it is clearly making a notable dent in the way people view and live fashion, and their voices have never been louder.

Celebrities Endorsing Sustainable Fashion

Founder image

Emma Watson’s dress made from sustainable cotton, satin, and taffeta woven from recycled plastic customized by Calvin Klein in collaboration with Eco-Age

1. emma watson

UN Ambassador and actress Emma Watson is what one would consider a real-life enchantress, even more magical than Hermione Granger. Besides being one of the youngest award-winning actresses, Emma tops the list as one of Hollywood’s top advocates of sustainable fashion. In 2015, she embraced “The Green Carpet Challenge” and hence wore sustainable fashion for all of her red carpet appearances. Such brought forth her creation of a separate IG account, The Press Tour, where she documents all of her sustainable fashion styles.

Among the iconic outfits is the black-and-chiffon silk Ricardo Tisci Givenchy haute couture she wore to promote Beauty and the Beast. Made of eco-age certified organic materials, the dress was paired with a pair of black faux-leather heels. She launched “Feel Good Style,” a site dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion and natural beauty and started collaborating with British trade fair brand “People Tree” to create collections out of upcycled fabrics, with fair trade practices in mind.

“I made a choice last year that I would only wear sustainable fashion on the red carpet. The fashion industry is the second-biggest pollutant of freshwater on the planet. It has such a huge environmental impact and such a big human impact. And it’s just not enough for me anymore that it’s a beautiful item or a beautiful piece,” Watson told Medium in 2018.

2. Jessica Alba

Known for her roles in Fantastic Four and Dark Angel, Jessica Alba has brought her love for fashion, family, and healthy living to greater heights by launching her family and eco-friendly product line, The Honest Company. Valued at over $1 billion in 2014 and growing, the company sells organic and ethically-manufactured personal care products, from diapers to totes and now, beauty products, bringing health to the everyday consumer. As a CEO and Founder of the company, you would think that’s enough to fill her cup, but she still functions as an ambassador for the charity, Baby2Baby, which shows that she is really invested in family and the environment.

Product image

Jessica Alba is proud of her company, The Honest Company, which is anchored in good values

Stella McCartney collaborates with Adidas to launch Ultra Boost X 

4. stella mCcartney

Daughter of rock royalty Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney, has carved a niche of her own in the fashion industry as one of the first and most sought-after designers with a sustainable fashion line. Her brand is a reflection of her personal style and values that vows against using animal leather and materials in her designs. She employs this practice in her personal life as well, living organically and using environmentally-friendly products.

She puts a great effort into ensuring that her design pieces do not end up in landfills. She is also an advocate of energy conservation, and as proof, she powers her stores, studios, and other offices in the UK and abroad with wind turbine technology. Her m.o. is to produce sustainable fashion without compromising style. 


You might know Rosario Dawson from her roles in Clerks 2 and Daredevil, but did you know that she wears more hats aside from being an actress? She is also a producer, comic book writer, singer, political activist, and, last but not least, a sustainable fashion designer. That’s a lot of hats! In 2015, she graced the Lakme’ Fashion Week for the WEvolve program, and she openly spoke about her passion for bringing in fair trade and employment opportunities through fashion. And soon enough, she and her best friend, Abrima Erwiah, opened their first store, Studio 189 in New York’s Bowery district. The company aims not only to bring sustainable and fair trade fashion into the market but also to provide socioeconomic opportunities, specifically fashion production, for the Black community. 

Founder image

Pals Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah sporting styles from their eco-friendly fashion line, Studio 189

Livia Firth at the Eco-Age Commonwealth Fashion Exchange US debut in September 2018 (Photo BY: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)


Dubbed as “The Queen of the Green Carpet,” Livia Firth is a fierce advocate of eco-friendly fashion. She is the prominent driving force behind the Green Carpet Challenge (GCC) launched in 2009, recruiting high-end luxury designers Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent to join her movement. Besides being a Founder and Creative Director of the Eco-Age, which is committed to helping brands create a culture of purpose and sustainability, she is also a Hollywood film producer. All of her hard work has not gone unnoticed. She received the UN Leader of Change Award for her GCC initiative and a Sustainable Standard Setter Award for her Eco-Age brand.

Call it ‘eco-fashion’ if you like, but I think it’s just common sense,” she told Medium.

It is liberating to see these celebrities leading the pack in creating awareness for environmentally-conscious and responsible lifestyles. It is still not as dominant and might be too pricey for everyday, ordinary consumers; however, we believe that there is still an ongoing initiative to making eco-friendly fashion more economical. And while that is in the works, we can do a little fashion design of our own – by repurposing old clothes and transforming them into new pieces, as well as replacing our leather shoes collection with stylish, comfortable, multi-function shoes such as the ones made by VEERAH. There is still a lot of progress to be made, but the industry is on the right track. It’s just a matter of time until a 100% ethical future is achieved, so let your creativity fly.

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