OCT 30, 2020

Behind the Scenes: FRIDA Neo-Patent Collection

Here’s a sneak peek at how we created the NEW FRIDA neo-patent collection.

By now you’ve already seen (and hopefully pre-ordered) our latest Frida pumps reimagined in a trio of lustrous nude hues. They are, of course, crafted from neo-patent leather, our new cruelty-free material that’s an eco-friendly, non-toxic patent leather substitute cut from vegan fibers. The journey in sourcing, designing, and producing them was no easy feat, but it was well worth it. Allow us to share with you bits and pieces of what happened behind the scenes in “perfecting” the look, value, and imagery of our Frida Neo-Patent Pumps.

vegan heels in neo-patent leather

Meet the new FRIDA vegan heels in Neo-Patent Leather

Since VEERAH’s inception—led by Founder and Chief Warrior, Stacey Chang—in 2016, we have only worked with the best partners in design and manufacturing. They are artisans who share the same goals as with using better sustainable practices across the board. With their help and expertise, we were able to source our Neo-Patent Leather, a PPU (Prepolymer Polyurethane) material wherein the combination of substances are processed without having to use DMF (Dimethylformamide) or water. What is DMF? It’s actually an organic solvent that is not only harmful to humans, but also to the environment. We are working with a factory in Taiwan that eliminates its use as well as water tanks for (DMF Polyurethane) immersion and washing. Through this safe process, we are able to reduce water and air pollution, energy consumption, and other toxic wastes. 

sustainable shoes women

Our factory partner uses solar panels to balance out carbon footprint and generate clean energy

eco friendly heels

Streaming through their roof, natural daylight is transmitted to conserve energy consumption

As we strive for consistency, our vision must be carried out from start to finish. From the process of manufacturing our materials down to its packaging, everything must be sustainable. In the early stages of sourcing and factory visits, Stacey discovered that the factory (we are now working with) uses solar panels to balance out carbon footprint and generate clean energy. They also make sure to minimize water waste by reusing and recycling it from production processes (fun fact: rain water is actually recycled for machine and washroom cooling). 

vegan leather shoes

Stacey visiting our partners during the pandemic in the Neo-Patent Frida in Camel, styled with the Lupine Crystal Brooch

vegan leather shoes

A factory expert wrapping the finished material


Factory tracking the energy consumed and saved

The factory is also seamlessly designed to transmit natural daylight through their roof to conserve energy consumption. Amazing right? We are proud to report that 92% of water and 80% of energy is saved; not to mention, 93% of emitted VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)—which are said to be carcinogenic, Thanks to our partners, we are helping lead the fashion world to be keenly aware of reducing environmental impact. 

Fast forward to shooting our Frida new nudes, we find ourselves in the middle of the pandemic. But despite quarantine restrictions and social distancing, the team still managed to pull through with the scheduled photoshoots. Two shoots happened separately and safely, while in different time zones. Stacey shot in Taipei, while the New York team—with Kai and Chelsea—shot in the VEERAH studio. What fueled the team? The remote synergy that helped to create stirring imagery inspired by the vast and mystical deserts around the world. The result of this challenging task? Beautifully executed photos just the way we dreamed. 

vegan heels

Stacey collaborating with the photographer at a studio shoot in Taipei

vegan leather shoes

Wear testing the Frida in Sunset Dunes

eco friendly heels

Kai—from the VEERAH team—in action at our NYC studio

sustainable shoes women

Stacey rocking the Frida in CAMEL with Orchid Blossom Brooch at Taipei Fashion Week S/S ‘21

There’s a new patent in town and it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. After meticulous research and development, our Neo-Patent Frida pumps are finally here! They are the result of innovative and sustainable technology, and relentless teamwork. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without our Founder and Chief Warrior, Stacey Chang; the VEERAH team; and our partners in product development. We can’t wait for you to wear and experience this season’s revamped bestseller.

vegan leather shoes in neo-patent leather

The Frida Neo-Patent collection in inspired by the mystic deserts around the world

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