MAY 10, 2021

How Stylist Jennifer Féin Uses Fashion as an Art Form

Can designers be stylists? Find out and get to know stylist Jennifer Féin.

stylist jennifer fein in vegan black boots

Stylist, designer, and fine artist, Jennifer Féin, in a cool, all-black ensemble paired with the Hedy boot

We are inspired by so many great women and having the opportunity to share a glimpse of their lives and careers is a way to empower others, and fulfill our mission of Doing Good and Looking Incredible. Being in fashion has allowed us to meet, collaborate, and work with incredibly talented personalities who give life to our shoes—be it for a photo shoot, awards season, red carpet events, TV shows, fashion editorials, articles, etc. Remember actress Abbey Cowen’s stunning January 2021 Glamour UK cover? It was styled by Los Angeles-based stylist, fashion/costume designer, and fine artist, Jennifer Féin. She actually did another shoot with the actress—this time for Flaunt Magazine—that came out in the same month (still with a VEERAH pair as part of her style equation). 

vegan designer luxury shoes womens
vegan luxury heels womens

Actress Abbey Cowen in our Mulan pumps for Flaunt Magazine (left) and Glamour UK (right), styled by Jennifer Féin 

They say not all designers are stylists (and vice versa), but not Jennifer. Equipped with a BFA in Fashion Design from both the Studio Art College International in Florence and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she made her way into notable brands like Helmut Lang, Proenza Schouler, and Club Monaco with her award-winning talent. She eventually branched out on her own and founded FÉIN, an independent atelier that provides styling and custom designs for fashion editorials, films, television, and the music industry. Jennifer’s captivating, avant-garde style and design work has been published in American Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, ELLE, Marie Claire, and Interview Magazine, among others.

vogue arabia's january 2020

Jennifer’s styling as seen on Vogue Arabia’s January 2020 issue

Ahead, learn more about the stylist and artist as we delve into her creative life and pick her brain on sustainable fashion. Plus, she shows us her take on styling the Hedy boot. Aspiring stylists and designers, take note!

artwork by jennifer fein
Watercolor Painting

Some of Jennifer’s artworks: an ink sketch and a watercolor painting (created while on a trip to Tobago)

How did you get your start in fashion? Did you always know you’d make a career of it?

I always knew I was going to be an artist. At a very young age, my grandmother taught me how to sew. When I went to college, The School of the Art Institute Of Chicago, I started on a different path—I focused on the fine arts, painting, and sculpture. I came to realize though that the body was my canvas and fashion design [should be] my primary medium. I then changed my major to Fashion Design.

Jennifer fein stylist for YSL
Fashion Editorials

The designer-cum-stylist works her magic on these fashion editorials with custom-made wardrobe and accessories

Do you have a “work stamp”? That Jennifer Féin touch?

I think there’s a certain aesthetic distinction in my work that makes it recognizably mine. [There’s] a balance of creativity with my custom-made and designed pieces combined with a high fashion aesthetic and attention to detail. I believe [this is what] makes my work uniquely my own.

Describe your style. Who are your style icons or inspos?

[To] describe my style… [Picture] an embroiderer and a tailor falling in love in Morocco, who then skyrockets to space in the 1960’s, [then] lands at Woodstock and settles in NYC. [As for] style icons and inspiration, the list is vast. The inspiration [is] endless. [My] all-time favorite? David Bowie.

stylist in black vegan boots
black vegan ankle boots

Jennifer gives off a boho, rock n’ roll vibe with this look while sporting our Hedy boot. Her style icon? David Bowie, no less.

What are your top five fashion essentials?

Hat. Boots. Everything vintage.

What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion? How will this change consumerism?

As someone who is deeply rooted in the art of creating a product, I find the process essential to the product's sustainability. Sustainability is a multifaceted word. To me it means how a product was made, where the materials came from, how they were sourced, what imprint the product's existence is leaving on the planet. Also, is it made to last? Will it live on and be wearable for a hundred years?

elle mexico
vogue turkey

More from Jennifer’s impressive portfolio (left, for ELLE Mexico; right, for Vogue Turkey)

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing an improvement in the overall quality of life in the world, amidst the pandemic. [That] and all my upcoming creative projects, of course! Stay tuned for those!

jennifer fein stylist vegan boots

Jennifer keeping busy in her studio

Many thanks again Jennifer for sharing your time, talent, and style with us! Catch this #VEERAHwarrior on social at @jennifer.fein and @fein.jennifer. Visit her website to view more of her amazing work.

Photos from Jennifer Féin

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    Jennifer has always amazed me with her unique talent. Congratulations Jennifer Fein. An honor to know you

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