MARCH 19, 2020

Spread Kindness, not Coronavirus

10 proactive ways to show your gratitude, and protect yourself, loved ones, vulnerable ones & our planet!

Spread kindness amid covid-19 pandemic

It is heart wrenching to see how many people are being severely impacted during this difficult time. We can sometimes feel powerless, but fear not, #VEERAHwarriors, we have compiled a list of steps (heels not required) that we can do to look after each other and the vulnerable ones! 

  • Support students who may not have meals due to school closures, donate to
    No Kids Hungry or City Harvest (NYC). 
  • Cheer up the courageous ones who are still in service (from hospitals to nursing homes to all the essential workers). Send them cards and messages to show your gratitude. Check out this site for inspiration. This is also a great project for the school-from-home kids.
    Hey WFH parents, you may take a breather too ;-)
  • Ask your elderly neighbors if they need help to get their grocery and medications. Or check your local Meals on Wheels and see if they need a hand or donation. A reminder, before you volunteer, make sure that you and your household have not been exposed to an infected person in at least 2 weeks and are feeling healthy. 
  • Help local and smaller companies stay afloat.
    Here are 10 ways to support businesses in your community
  • If you feel or you know someone maybe at risk for domestic violence, reach out to
    National hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE or NYC hotline:1-800-621-HOPE.
  • Protect children from abuse, neglect and exploitation, support Save The Children.
  • Properly dispose of protective gear, such as masks & gloves. Don’t litter them as the infection can live for hours or even days in moisture and could be transferred to another person (and pollute our Earth and waterways).
  • Don’t forget animals still need us! Check in with your local animal shelters. Some of them may have set up an Amazon wishlist like Animal Care Centers of New York.
    You can learn more steps you can take via the Humane Society
  • Ask your elected officials to protect those who are most affected and exercise your right to vote for the candidates whose values align with yours in the upcoming elections. 
    Here is everything you need to vote.
  • Sleep and workout to boost your immune system. Here is a free yoga app for students and teachers or a list of recommended home workout apps.
     While the world seems to have halted, summer is still on the way!

Want more ways to get involved? Check out this guide. Be well. Stay positive optimistic.

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