MARCH 31, 2019

Celebrating Women’s Month—The
VEERAH Warrior Way Part I

To kick off Women’s Month VEERAH Chief Warrior, Stacey, challenged
herself to the largest women’s marathon in the world.

March Women’s Month balloons

These supportive balloons were scattered everywhere at the event.

Never is the VEERAH spirit more luminous than on occasions that both celebrate and empower women, so this year, our Chief Warrior, Stacey Chang, flew to Japan on a mission to conquer new challenges and discover hidden gems. Equipped with a passionate heart and the determination of a warrior, she was ready to take on this journey for Women’s Month. Her first stop? The Nagoya Women’s Marathon, the largest women’s marathon in the world (recognized as such by The Guinness World Records in 2012), which hosted over 20,000 participants!

VEERAH's Founder Stacey Chang in women's appreciation month marathon

Stacey starts the marathon with her game face on

Stacey has balanced the daily grind of running VEERAH with an active lifestyle, finding that running is her form of meditation—one that allows her to function and lead at her best. What started as a recreational activity would eventually lead her to joining a full-distance marathon.

And for a woman with the moxie to take on sustainable luxury, this would be another “go big, or go home” moment. She decided to take part in not just any marathon for her first, but the Nagoya Women’s Marathon at that. Not to mention being in it on Women’s Month! Sporting a bright tee, she represented her tribe of #VEERAHwarriors and marked another milestone for the company and everything it stood for (we salute you, Stacey!).

Stacey Chang from sustainable shoe brand

VEERAH warriors represent!

Stacey livestreams her run on Instagram

Ever the multitasker, Stacey livestreams her run on Instagram.

Stacey trained for four months, and together with other women, she completed a whopping 42.2 kilometres under six hours of running in the rain. While at it, she even managed a live update via Instagram! If this doesn’t perfectly illustrate what it means to “stop and smell the flowers,” we don’t know what will. Apparently, it’s possible to gun for the finish line and simultaneously
live in the moment.

All runners who successfully completed the race were given a Tiffany necklace with a pendant specially crafted for the marathon—a reward for the hard work and perseverance each woman put into preparing for and finishing the race. The iconic blue boxes were handed out by men in tuxes, because badass women deserve no less! Have you unlocked any achievement lately? Perhaps you should reward yourself with a piece of jewelry or better yet, a chic pair of VEERAH heels too!

Stacey crosses the finish line

Stacey crosses the finish line!

Runner’s “medal” for female empowerment

The runner’s “medal”

Stacey’s pursuit of a fruitful Women’s Month did not stop here.
Stay tuned for part 2 of her Japan trip!

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