APRIL 22, 2019

Doing Good and Making Girls Look Incredible at Project G.L.A.M.

SAVE THE PROM! Team VEERAH volunteers at Project G.L.A.M. to ensure that every girl is at her prom, decked out in her dream ensemble.

Donated Prom Dresses

These prom dresses were donated by remarkable women from all over the country
(Photo: Kuvonn Richardson) 

As part of our 1-10-100 battle plan, our employees are paid 10 hours per quarter for volunteering or taking self-improvement courses. On a weekend in April, VEERAH participated in WGIRLS Inc.’s Project G.L.A.M. (Granting Lasting Amazing Memories), which enables underprivileged young women to attend and enjoy their proms without worrying about what to wear and how they’re going to look. Being the largest prom dress giveaway in the US, Project G.L.A.M. has already dressed over 14,000 girls! And what a privilege for our team to take part in this event, putting smiles on these girls’ faces and their feet into some heels.

Stacey Chang Holding Donated Dresses

Our Chief Warrior, Stacey Chang,
holding donated dresses. Which one
would you go for? 

Team VEERAH Picking Their Dream Dresses

Team VEERAH, ready to help girls pick their dream dresses

WGIRLS, Inc. is a philanthropic organization founded in 2007 by a group of young professional New York women who shared one goal: to help others by giving them their time, energy, and talents. One of their programs is Project G.L.A.M., which was launched in 2010 to ensure that all young women can attend their senior proms without any constraints.

This initiative was the perfect opportunity to uphold the VEERAH value of empowering women. We were giddy teens once, so we know how important it is for these girls to be able to attend their proms, looking incredible. Nothing felt more fabulous than being fairy godmothers for a day and lending prom night some footwear-generated magic. Seeing the girls match their chosen prom dresses with VEERAH heels was such a treat!

vegan shoes womens

Donated VEERAH samples all lined up
(Photo: Kuvonn Richardson) 

Ready To Party in a Prom dress

Ready to party in her prom dress!
(Photo: Donna Rocco)

vegan dress shoes


There’s nothing like the thrill of planning your prom night outfit—browsing magazines for dress inspirations, choosing your hair and makeup, and picking the right accessories to complete the look. We know the feeling; prom is when young women begin to own their personal styles and feel like celebrities even in the midst of the familiar!

We’ve got WGIRLS to thank for the success of Project G.L.A.M. (cheers, ladies!). Our mission to #DoGoodLookIncredible has only been reignited, and we can’t wait to lend a helping foot at the next volunteer event. May all the girls who attended the event shine bright during their proms!

Learn more on how to volunteer or donate prom dresses to Project GLAM by clicking here.

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