Warrior to Watch: Francesca Vuillemin


Launching our very first Warrior to Watch series with Business Founder, Philanthropist, and Model, Francesca Vuillemin.

Business Founder, Philanthropist, and Model, Francesca Vuillemin

Dear #VEERAHwarriors,

Need some serious inspo? Check out “Warrior to Watch”, an ongoing series featured on our V World Blog, where you’ll meet unique, multifaceted women whose lives define what it truly means to be a VEERAH warrior. #DoGoodLookIncredible.

First up, we have Francesca Vuillemin, a true renaissance woman who instantly lights up a room with her striking beauty (not to mention her platinum blonde hair!) and positive energy. She is the Business Relations Director at Reserved Magazine, Vice President of Business Development at Building An Image LLC, and an ambassador and board member for Global Connections for Women Foundation (GC4W). Carrying that X-factor with her, Francesca started out as an international fashion model representing various lifestyle brands. Her unique sense of style quickly made her a street style fixture on social media which eventually led her to connecting and partnering with brands. She has worked with big names such as distinguished perfumer Givaudan, Phillip Lim, Gary Graham, and Vogue Japan. She has also spearheaded public relations for charity work such as supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s Naked Heart Foundation event, co-hosted by Diane Von Furstenburg.

Ahead, we get to know more of the multi-hyphenate in a quick interview with
VEERAH’s own Creative Director, Jacky Yoon.

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JY: What are you passionate about in work, love, and life?

FV: My greatest passion in work is connecting creatives and influencers who are driven by conscious capitalism. I am so excited to see more brands focused on social impact and collaboration—there is no such thing as a self-made person. We are all connected so our actions affect each other especially in this global economy. When it comes to love and life, it can be a rollercoaster ride and I have learned to appreciate the peaks and troughs—there is always a nugget of wisdom for us to keep.

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JY: What are you listening to these days? As you mentioned, music is such a big part of your life. Would you mind expanding on that a bit more?

FV: I am listening to a lot of UK garage, House (I’m a 90’s girl) and 70’s rock especially Black Sabbath. When I am not listening to music I absorb myself into podcasts, especially those connected to finance like Masters in Business (hosted by Barry Ritholtz) and Podship Earth created by Jared Blumenfeld (former secretary of the EPA) dedicated to informing consumers on the latest
environmental movers and shakers. 

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JY: How do you recharge from the daily grind of city life?

FV: I make sure to make time to clean my mind of “silly thoughts” then do 15-20 minutes of creative visualizations before bed so that I can start my next day fresh. My other recharge is volunteering which I do at St. Joseph’s Soup Kitchen every Saturday with a group of very lovely people.

Found a new inspo in Francesca? Take a peek at her life on social by following her at @francescamv.

Photos by Justin Miller

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