Responsibly sourced. Beautifully designed.
And did we mention they’re also PETA-approved vegan?

Every VEERAH shoe is proof that we can



Inspired by women. We know what it takes to get your foot in the door, and we make shoes that reflect both challenge and courage. Each VEERAH silhouette is the result of careful, thoughtful design and named in honor of the legendary female icons whose trailblazing accomplishments have inspired us from the brand’s inception. Our core philosophy to
“Do Good + Look Incredible” arose from our desire to empower all women to feel that they can conquer the world in style and make a positive impact on society.  

Removable accessories serve the individual styles of our cosmopolitan heroines, saving luggage space during travel and making elegance fun. Creating products to satisfy and complement the demands of their dynamic, fast-paced, and conscientious lifestyle has been the very foundation of VEERAH.

Made for warriors. Our woman-led design team understands that VEERAH Warriors need to be battle-ready. True luxury must be both seen and felt, so we’ve outfitted every piece with memory foam cushioning and other comfort features like organic cotton linings and anti-slip outsoles.



We never drag our feet (no matter how prettily clad) when it comes to matters of quality. It took two years of extensive research in two different continents, but the results are well worth it.

From all over the world, we source the latest, most innovative, high-quality materials, and our suppliers know that we expect both creativity and consistency. 

This reinforces our belief that only the perfect pairings make perfect pairs. We treat every relationship with our manufacturers and suppliers as a stronghold of our shared values, and we choose them with the same meticulous care we put into our shoes.  

The VEERAH team has spent a tremendous amount of time on the factory grounds to manage product quality, working conditions, and relationships with the workers. Our manufacturers and suppliers comply with all of the national and local labor laws and environmental regulations to ensure the workers are paid above living wage.

We build trust and fortify that with transparency. This way, we know exactly where VEERAH components come from and how they came to be. 

We build trust and fortify that with transparency. This way, we know exactly where VEERAH components come from and how they came to be.

Today, VEERAH is manufactured in a family-owned factory based in the Guangdong region known as the “Florence of China.” It is home to 3rd generation highly-skilled footwear artisans who have passed down their trade to become the leading experts of shoe craftsmanship throughout Asia and the world. Here, we are allies with expert artisans with decades’ worth of experience in luxury footwear. 

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