FEBRUARY 26, 2022

VEERAH and Chief Warrior Stacey Chang featured on GMA

VEERAH Warriors are killin' it with kindness! The design and values that drive the brand are showcased in this recent TV interview with VEERAH's founder and CEO—along with some serious style inspirations. 

Our very own Stacey Chang had the opportunity to talk about her advocacies—and what makes VEERAH shoes special—on GMA Network in the Philippines, one of the most trusted broadcast networks in Asia.

The feature came out on an English-language series called “Make Your Day" which, as you can probably guess from the title, is all about inspiring and delightful stories to brighten everyone's day. Watch it below!

VEERAH Founder and Chief Warrior Stacey Chang:

VEERAH's Founder and Chief Warrior Stacey Chang is surrounded by fabulous vegan designer shoes on the cover of the video. Along with her are Filipino-Canadian artist AC Bonifacio and Filipino-American TikTok star Bella Poarch, both wearing VEERAH of course!

"Designer shoes made of apple skins?!"

In the story, the spotlight is on VEERAH Appeel, the world's first apple leather shoe collection. Apple leather is a byproduct of the apple juice industry. The repurposing of apple peels keeps them from decomposing and producing methane that contributes to climate change. Apple leather is durable, breathable, UV-resistant, hypoallergenic, and responsibly produced—without compromising on quality and style.

Learn more about how apple peels are turned into vegan leather here.

Killin' it with kindness

Stacey also talks about what she envisioned when she founded VEERAH in 2016. She had her heart set on making beautiful, comfortable shoes that are also cruelty-free and eco-friendly. A lot of research went into product design and development, and the result? Ethically-sourced, innovative materials. For example, recycled plastic bottles are used to make fabrics with a silky satin texture, while the foam cushion from the insoles are made from sea algae. Read more about these materials and processes here.

VEERAH Founder and Chief Warrior Stacey Chang:

In the interview with GMA Network, Stacey shares her mindset early on as she set out to start VEERAH.

With the environment and the community in mind, VEERAH has partnered with organizations that align with the company's advocacies, like She's The First, World Wildlife Fund, and PETA. 

Know more about VEERAH's commitment to giving back to various causes here.

By women for women

As a female-led company, VEERAH loves collaborating with women who advocate for sustainable living and whose values align with the brand's, like the #VEERAHWarriors and VEERAH Brides featured in the video.

Check out their profiles and other empowering stories on the V World Blog.

Versatile style

With the right items, less can actually be more—simply mix and match things up to come up with different looks using the same pieces! This economical approach to fashion and dressing up is at the core of VEERAH's shoe accessories.

Designer shoes in vegan leather with versatile accessories - VEERAH shoes

Brooches are just one of many ways to accessorize and transform VEERAH shoes! Shown in the "Make Your Day" feature is how women can expand their wardrobe with just a few pieces. 

There's more to come this 2022, from new designs to fresh collaborations and enriching content. Follow @veerahofficial on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and join in the conversation!

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