APRIL 2, 2020 

Behind the Name: The Origin of VEERAH

Inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere, just like how the VEERAH name was born.

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Yoga Instructor, ARTI , doing the Warrior I pose in Venus heels, no less! 

Our VEERAH Chief Warrior, Stacey Chang, is no stranger to the balancing act—by this we mean from running a brand to holding that pose in yoga class! More than being just a health buff, Stacey believes that one should take a holistic approach to health wherein one’s wellness should top vanity. She turns to running and yoga as her form of meditation amidst the reality of non-stop business trips, factory visits, weekly meetings, family gatherings, and so on. In fact, it was through yoga that Stacey came up with the name, VEERAH.

vegan sandals women's
vegan sandals women's

ARTI seamlessly transitions from the Warrior II to Warrior III pose

One day in the middle of practice with her heels firmly pressed into her yoga mat, Stacey had a lightbulb moment. Why not name her brand after a yoga pose—the Warrior Pose or Veerabhadrasana—that has so much depth and meaning to it? While yoga doesn’t teach you to fight per se, this practice instills the discipline for you to gain greater self-awareness and compassion. Take Warrior I for instance (see Yogini Arti's photo above), where your arms are extended upwards like two swords ready to take on any battle, with your long stance giving that balance and depicting peace within you. Rushing from one meeting to the next while not forgetting to follow up on your kids? Finally launching that lifestyle website you’ve always dreamed of? Breathe, then DO it!

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ARTI concludes her practice with the Reverse Warrior pose 

Derived from warrior in Sanskrit, the word veerah denotes bravery and heroism, often referring to a champion motivated by integrity and empathy. Stacey wanted a moniker that would acknowledge the warrior spirit inside every doyenne—yes, that’s YOU #VEERAHwarriors—who’s on a daily mission to conquer worlds.

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vegan sandals

Venus is our modern-day glass slipper that represents elegance, versatility, and compassion  

Apart from being just sleek, versatile, and stylish; VEERAH shoes represent a new kind of luxury: meticulous, conscientious, and cruelty-free. Why? Because our #VEERAHwarriors are women of style destined for greatness and we will always be: “Inspired by women. Made for warriors.”

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