MAY 12, 2020

2020 Shoe Accessory Trends In Perspective

shoe tassels accessories

 At VEERAH, find a perfect pair—shoes plus accessories, like THE MULAN IN BLUE AP-PEEL WITH TASSELs—that defines your sense of style.

There is no denying that the majority of women love shoes, and for a good reason. I remember Forrest Gump saying that his momma can tell an awful lot about a person by the kind of shoes a person wears, and I think that he's absolutely right. First impressions last, and the type one chooses dramatically affects her overall appeal.

With this in mind, we are welcoming the new era with VEERAH shoe accessories that are meant to elevate our wardrobe's allure AND allow us to do it sustainably. Ahead, five must-have shoe accessories for the 2020's woman.


Tassels have always been a sartorial embellishment, so it's no surprise that these tassel shoes are making a resurgence. Elaborate, intricate, and everything in between, tassels are breathing renewed zing to any quintessential pair of boots, heels, sandals, or even white athleisure kicks.

shoe accessories for vegan shoes

Add a renewed zing to your heels with VEERAH tassels.

shoe bows detachable for sustainable flats

Jazz up your shoes with our feminine bows.


Bows are simply timeless and have always signaled a classic touch of femininity. Shoe bows? Detachable? Why not. Accordion or glitter bows? Even better!

These iconic VEERAH add-ons can jazz up our comfortable flats for everyday wear, sass up kitten heels , or glam-up stilettos for a wedding. This versatile accessory withstands the test of time with its innocent, unassuming, but non-nonsense elegance, perfect for the modern woman like you! At the end of the day, we still want the sweet and dainty, boy-meets-girl look, no matter how many asses we kick in the workplace. It’s no wonder bows have been leading shoe trends for decades now.


All women have that sparkly idea, and we want a glittery, sparkly pair of shoes to go with it. However, owning more than what we need is not financially smart, nor is it practical to keep just to gather dust on the shelves.

brooches for shoes

A sparkly idea? the orchid blossom brooch!

brooch shoes for vegan heels

our brooches come in handy, no matter the occasion or outfit.

This is when clip-on shoe brooches come in handy! VEERAH offers these ingenious shoe accessories that can expand your current shoe collection, without adding much strain on your credit card. What's even better is that the brooches that VEERAH offers are not limited to shoe-styling feats. They can serve as the perfect embellishments to bedazzle any dress, coat, purse, bag, or even a headband. Made of earth-friendly materials like recycled plastics, we can be assured that no real gems were harvested for our pleasure.


Who doesn't like heels? It's because aside from being talking points, heels can turn any flat outfit into a statement, adding fluidity and height while correcting posture. Wearing heels is like buying instant confidence and who wouldn't want that as a cherry on top of the complete the package, right? 

shoe fringe accessories for vegan heels

Make your florence with Red Fringe THE HIGHLIGHT OF YOUR LOOK

shoe fringe accessories for vegan shoes

our frida with full-on fringe on model, Andrea Thomas (Photo by Okingmedia)

Now, what if we can still upgrade our look? And with shoe heel accessories that are conscientiously made using cruelty-free materials, we can never go wrong. With a lowered carbon footprint in mind, VEERAH and its partners have transformed apple skins into organic, bio-based leathers to make shoe fringe accessories that are not only great to look at but also greater for the environment as well. Whether you’re looking for a full cascading fringe on the ankles as a finishing touch of glam, or you just want a fun and flirty accent to your trusty stiletto, you're always on point with these fun selections. 


Straps are hands down sexy, and they serve a double purpose. Not only do they help women feel a little bit more secure, preventing shoes from getting tossed off unsteady feet, they also provide the appearance of slimmer ankles. VEERAH has single-strap and double-strap reversible varieties that multiply your shoe potential. They enhance creativity and strategic designing capability, perfect because of a mix-and-match option. Take your shoes one step further stylistically with shoe accessories straps that drape elegantly across your feet. You'll love the versatility they offer.

detachable vegan shoe straps

Multiply your shoe potential with the Reversible Double Straps

shoe accessories for vegan heels


They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. However, for many of us, it's the shoes that make our hearts beat faster. Having shoes is not just a utilitarian need, but an intimate extension of the body, embodying attitudes, personalities, social status, sexuality, and preference. Shoes have an autonomous quality that spurs adrenaline rush and, sometimes, obsessions. We tirelessly graze until we find that perfect pair that defines our sense of style and makes us look incredible. Now, Veerah is offering multiple strategies for all women to achieve that by introducing shoe accessories that offer luxury without the carbon footprint. How's that for value and sustainability?

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