MAY 6, 2020

Actress Elaine Hendrix is Red-Hot in VEERAH for Entertainment Weekly

The "Dynasty" star turns heads in a red-hot outfit and her VEERAH vegan heels, as one of the panelists at the SCAD aTVfest 2020 in a talk called "Wonder Women: Acting for Television."

We can’t help but gush when celebrities wear our shoes. Not only are we given new outfit ideas, but we also appreciate seeing these women exuding confidence in VEERAH. Receiving positive feedback and appreciation from them—or their stylists—are bonuses. We recently featured actress Elaine Hendrix in a blog post where she wore VEERAH for her character—the devious Alexis Carrington—in the TV show, Dynasty. Little did we know that she would also don our shoes outside her role.

vegan high heels

Lawrence Ferlinghetti SCAD aTVfest 2020 panelists: actresses (2nd from left) Tiffany Boone, Elaine Hendrix, LISA VIDAL, and Xosha Roquemore (Photo from ZIMBIO)

sustainable shoes women

Elaine, all smiles on the panel (Photo from ZIMBIO)

The divine Ms. Hendrix served as one of the panelists at the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) aTVfest 2020, a festival celebrating television and all its notable talents on and off cam, with Entertainment Weekly as the official media partner. Elaine took part in the discussion, “Wonder Women: Acting For Television”, where she and her colleagues shared their journeys in the entertainment business, mastering the casting process, and acting for the small screen. Of course, she dressed the part and was ravishing in red! Furthermore, her vintage-meets-glam-rock look was showcased at Entertainment Weekly’s photo session, which served as an instant editorial for the stars.

sustainable shoes

The star panelists, festival-ready for SCAD aTVFEST 2020 (Photo from ZIMBIO)

sustainable shoes women

Woman on top! (Photo from ZIMBIO)

Paying homage to old Hollywood glam with a bold, red lip and luscious waves, Elaine complemented her look with a matching red blouse, tweed blazer, and cropped plaid skinnies. The best part? She finished off her ensemble with our Mulan Volcano Red with Tassel! With striking threads such as hers, minimal to no jewelry is needed; that is why we love how she accessorized by just adding a belt and our shoe tassels. Take pointers from Elaine so you too, can rock your Mulan pair with a smart casual outfit.

red vegan high heels

Elaine’s red-hot OOTD starring the MULAN (Photo from ZIMBIO)

vegan heels

Tiffany Boone, Elaine Hendrix, and Lisa Vidal in a pose-off for Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive portraits from the event (Photo by Mackenzie Stroh)

We hope to catch Elaine again with, no doubt, an OOTD-worthy look in VEERAH. Keep those fab looks coming, Ms. Hendrix!

Catch Elaine Hendrix in Dynasty on CW and Netflix.

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