MAY 15, 2019

Apple Peel Leather:
From Heels to Wheels

A revolutionary pseudo leather as seen on VEERAH and now, Volkswagen.

Ahead, we delve into what makes this apple peel textile truly appeel-ing on VEERAH heels.

With apple peels, the possibilities are surprisingly endless! Here at VEERAH, we are proud to say that we are the very first brand to use it on designer footwear. This innovation has allowed us to create 100% cruelty-free, vegan leather heels that can stand the test of time. And because of its durability and sustainability, Volkswagen, one of the largest car companies in the world, has also turned to apple peel skin; this time as upholstery for its latest wheels.

Apple Leather Heels With Accessories


FRIDA, apple skin leather shoes

The Frida with full-on fringe worn by model, Andrea Thomas (Photo: Okingmedia Images)

German auto giant, Vokswagen, is joining the likes of Tesla, Audi and Volvo in going the sustainable route by using vegan leather for their car interiors. A round of applause, please! They unveiled the ID. ROOMZZ last month, an electric SUV which features a 280-mile range and rotating seats in apple peel skin upholstery. Volkswagen describes apple peel skin as a renewable raw material, which makes for sleek yet durable car seats. This exquisite, textured material that we also use on VEERAH heels is a result of extracting fibers from dry apple peels (by-products of apple juice). It mimics the look and feel of genuine leather without the use of toxic chemicals and waste accumulation. Volkswagen is set to release the ID. ROOMZZ in 2021. A seven-seater eco-friendly concept car with equally eco-friendly interiors? Sold!

apple leather

Volkswagen’s latest ID. ROOMZZ, an electric SUV with cozy apple leather interiors (Photo:

apple leather

The ID. ROOMZZ’s eco-friendly seats in apple peel skin (Photo:

Quite the #VEERAHwarriors that we are, the pursuit of innovative, sustainable materials never stops. This paved the way to conscientiously craft luxe leather heels in apple peel skin—a first in the industry. Now, you have Volkswagen joining the club and giving their latest ID. ROOMZZ an eco-friendly revamp! We wonder, what other brands will follow suit?

vegan leather shoes

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