JUNE 5, 2020

Celebrity Fashion: Actress Elaine Hendrix’s Surprise Video

This VEERAH muse unboxes her very first VEERAH pair.

VEERAH vegan heels

VEERAH loves Elaine Hendrix

We may be facing uncertainty in this time of the pandemic, but we believe that every cloud has
a silver lining. Simple acts of kindness that we give and receive help us to remain optimistic and motivated. In April, Dynasty actress, Elaine Hendrix, slid into our DMs and surprised us with a fab unboxing video of her first VEERAH pair! We were so touched by this gesture and feel grateful for her support. Moments like this keep us going in creating designer vegan shoes you’d want to wear. 

vegan high heels

Let the unboxing begin!

vegan heels

The Mulan in Volcano Red is Dynasty star Elaine Hendrix's very first VEERAH pair. We love how it matches her red lippie!

vegan high heels

Elaine shows how you can style the Mulan with or without VEERAH accessories

Elaine unboxed the Mulan in Volcano Red with Tassel. Look familiar? Well, it’s because that’s what she was wearing to her Entertainment Weekly shoot here! We love how she emphasized that “not one animal [was] harmed”, knowing that she is a vegan and sworn “animal warrior” herself. Check out Elaine’s unboxing video below!

As Elaine put it, “If these are good enough for Alexis Carrington, they are definitely good enough for me."
Can’t wait to see her rocking the Mulan again!

Catch Elaine Hendrix in Dynasty on CW and Netflix.

Video edited by @micahmccain.

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