FEB 19, 2021

Designer and Stylist Tina Bhardwaj on the Creative Process

Discover the inspiration behind stylist, fashion designer, and #VEERAHwarrior, Tina Bhardwaj during her latest cross-cultural photoshoot, featuring the strappy Venus Sandal

Tina Bhardwaj is the master garment constructor and head of PR for MadSamTinZin, a brand that focuses on intricate embroidery applied to silk. Each unique piece is ethically created by hand and crafted in India. VEERAH had the honor of being featured in their recent shoot, and we sat down with Tina to talk about her journey so far.

About MadSamTinZin for sustainable women's shoes

Tina is the master garment constructor and head of PR for MadSamTinZin

We love your work! How did you first become interested in professional wardrobe styling?

I have owned a fashion label since 2012. Owning a brand demands a holistic involvement with your product; having the knowledge of everything from manufacturing to selling and marketing. Working with clients, to find or sometimes create, the perfect product as per their needs while enhancing their body type and personality is what I most enjoy. It’s like finding the piece of the puzzle that fits just right! After moving to California in 2017, my clients found the need for this knack of mine, and that’s where and when my styling journey began.

Where do you find inspiration when designing pieces for your fashion label, MadSamTinZin?

Over the years we have drawn inspiration from the simplest and most natural forms to the most complex motifs. Sometimes a simple poem is enough to ignite our creative spark, but at other times, we might spend days with a nomadic tribe to find our inspiration. While the product is obviously king, the process of being inspired is the very reason why we started designing in the first place. Through our designs, we like to celebrate life, beauty, and human emotions at their purest.

vegan womens shoes

The Venus in Gold Goddess, featured in a recent wedding shoot styled by Tina

vegan sandals women's

The Venus perfectly complements this bridal look

What’s been the most rewarding part of launching your own fashion label?

I would have to say, it’s the satisfaction of seeing a client fulfilled. Seeing people wear our creations for the most important events of their lives is extremely rewarding. And the fact that these events will be a part of their memorabilia, with our clothes, is a bonus!

What's your favorite part of the creative process?

I absolutely love designing! Having the ability to create something that fills the niche for people is pretty rewarding. It’s also the reason why I love working with clients and seeing them happy in something that I have created.

What did you find most interesting about styling your recent cross-cultural pre-wedding shoot? Any styling tips for the eco-conscious brides out there?

Styling for cross-cultural weddings is always a “wow” moment for me. I find it very inspiring to witness diverse cultures that come together in such harmony to voice the language of love. It’s rather interesting to pick elements from each culture and make them cohesive to the mood of the shoot. This also gives me a chance to work with various indigenous brands. It fulfills my desire to work with native brands that have something special to offer in terms of product ideology, or a social message, or even promoting artisan work. I think it’s time for all of us to be aware of our fashion decisions. While there are a lot of ways to be eco-conscious, brides that are smart enough to say “I do” in a sustainable way, have a lot of options today:

  • Invest in slow fashion pieces that will last a lifetime. Buy something that can be reworn in different ways post wedding.
  • You could even revamp your mother’s gown, which now would play the role of an heirloom.
  • Ask where your clothes and shoes are coming from. There are brands that are transparent about their supply chain and support ethical fashion.
  • Pay attention to the fabric(s) of your wedding gown. Try and refrain from polyesters, not only are they environmentally harmful but also very unfriendly to your skin. Try opting for natural fabrics.
These are just a few tips but there are a myriad of ways that we all could do our bit to save the planet. Every small step in this direction goes a long way!

gold evening sandals

The Venus intertwined with nature

hand embroidered silk

MadSamTinZin’s intricate embroidery work on red silk

Finally, what's next for you? Are there any projects you're super excited about?

I am really looking forward to the coming year. I think we all are! I’m excited to style cross-cultural weddings in California and Cabo for two of my clients. As for my label, I’ve planned traveling trunk shows, so that I can personally interact with my clients. Through my instagram handle, @iamladytin, I look forward to creating content that empowers my audience to fearlessly recycle and re-wear their outfits in creative ways.

About MadSamTinZin

Tina looking pretty in pink

Tina is a true #VEERAHwarrior, following her dreams and doing it all with style! We’re so excited to see more amazing projects from her and her team at MadSamTinZin. Make sure to check out all of the beautiful designs from the brand!

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