OCTOBER 5, 2019

Our Signature “V-Cut” Vamp is What Flatters the Most

This sleek yet bold VEERAH signature detail gives you the most flattering toe cleavage.

red pointed toe flats

The “V-cut”: low, asymmetrical VAMP is a VEERAH Pointy Toe signature

The VEERAH aesthetic is all about creating flattering, timeless vegan footwear with a modern touch, brought by thoughtful design. Inspired by powerful women—Mulan, Audrey Hepburn, and Frida Kahlo, to name a few—who have changed the course of history, VEERAH shoes come in an array of classic silhouettes, amped up with fashion-forward accessories. Sustainable style has never looked this good and trust us when we say: it’s all in the details. Case in point? Our signature “V-cut” asymmetrical vamp for the classic pointy toe, truly a cut above the rest!

pointed shoes womens

The Mulan is inspired by legendary Chinese female warrior, Hua Mulan (Photo by

We’ve created variations of the pump and for some styles, we applied the “V-cut” which shows a low, asymmetrical vamp that is nothing but flattering. You can flaunt your cleavage—by this we mean your toe cleavage!—by simply slipping into a pair of VEERAHs with this unique detail. Not only does it hide your big toe, but also those unwanted wrinkles. This sleek yet bold shoe design also lengthens those gams and feet.

pointed toe kitten heels
pointed toe strappy heels

Accessorize Frida (left) and Maya (right) with fashion-forward add-ons such as lace-up tassels and reversible ankle straps (Photos by @stylemesustainable @sustainablychic)

Now, allow us to indulge you in the styles blessed with our signature “V-cut” design. We start off with the Mulan because as they say, “The higher the heels, the closer to God.” It’s our daring, sky-high stiletto that features a hidden platform, which makes for easy strutting. We also have Frida, a modern mid-heel pump for those who prefer in-betweens (nothing too high, nothing too low). How about wearing something retro for a change? Try the Maya kitten heel and your purr-ty feet will thank you. Lastly we have Vicky, our latest silhouette and your new go-to flats for everyday.

comfortable pointed toe flats

The Vicky is flat-out fabulous for daily dressing

What’s your VEERAH style pick to flaunt that (toe) cleavage?


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