MARCH 1, 2020 

To Visit: NYC's Arcadia Earth Museum

The VEERAH Team ventured out to The Arcadia Earth Museum, where artists & scientists have highlighted the most pressing issues about sustainability through the form of augmented reality, virtual reality, and magnificent installations.

Abandoned Nets From Industrial Fishing

A macrame installation, using abandoned nets from industrial fishing.

A pop-up museum, located in Manhattan's Noho neighborhood, is an excellent integration of arts & sciences, and small enough that it won't take up your whole day (You can even do it in heels! Believe us, we did it! ). Walk through each thematic room, learn about oceans, forests, fibers, and facts about the Earth's current state. Consider the healthy choices we can do to make a difference, and in a neighborhood filled with shops on shops, take a break and allow conscious consumerism to guide you. After all, there is no planet B.

vegan flats in gold
sustainable future in arcadia earth museum

Chelsea peering into a sustainable future, using virtual (left) & augmented (right) realities, and sporting Vicky in gold rush

vegan sustainable flats

Point your toes, step lively, say Goodbye to single use plastic bags!
This cave was created using over 40,000 recycled plastic bags.

VEERAH's main goals include embracing veganism, and using innovative & less harmful materials to lower our carbon footprint. We recycle plastic bottles with VENUS and some styles use organic cotton insole linings, and algae foam cushion. Each pair of algae insoles replaces more than 30% of petroleum used in traditional foam, saves 11 gallons of filtered water, and keeps 8 balloons of CO2 out of the atmosphere!

At the museum, these goals were reinforced and we learned how as individuals there's so much more we can do! For example, supporting government policies through our right to vote (i.e. NYC's plastic bag ban!), using washer bags to catch the plastic fibers in our laundry, choosing micro-bead free skincare & cosmetics, drinking from bamboo straws, and so much more.

MIND-BLOWING: The average person unintentionally consumes about a credit card size amount of plastic weekly, through invisible micro plastics found in our water, salt, beer, and seafood.
How? Plastic pollution ends up in our oceans, breaks down from the power of the sun's UV rays, wind, and currents, inevitably making its way into the food chain.

sustainable toe cleavage flats


The takeaways? Demanding transparency from brands you love will reveal their best & worst practices. Ask for sustainable products, the quality is better and will last longer and are less likely to end up in a landfill. Say no to single use plastic bottles, toothbrushes, straws, utensils, bags. Eat less meat, and refer to the Seafood Watch Guide when eating fish. You are one of billions, and billions of people making better choices creates big impacts. You can help! Make a vow! 

arcadian new york
the arcadia nyc

Round out your visit and make your own vow to save the planet.
create waves with your choices! Inspire those around you!

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To learn more about the sustainable materials we use at VEERAH, click here.

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