JUNE 10, 2019

To Visit: Hampstead in London

Wander across North London’s Hampstead, where lush greens and fresh air take center stage.

Scenic view of hampstead heath

Have a picnic in Hampstead Heath and enjoy the scenic view.

An escape to London means packed itineraries centered around food, market shopping, museum hopping, drinks at pubs, and sightseeing tours. If you’ve already exhausted most of it, you can always leave the hustle and bustle of London for a minute and head to the countryside. Where did our heels— Venus—take us? Picturesque Hampstead, which is just a 20-minute Tube ride from Central London.

Images of Hampstead Heath
vegan sandals women's

The perfect background for Venus in Gold Goddess

Hampstead’s ponds

Take a dip in one of Hampstead’s pond

Covering 320 acres of woodlands, meadows, hills, ponds, and parks, Hampstead Heath is literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air. It is simply nature within reach and is considered one of London’s well-loved green spaces—it provided the perfect background for our Venus! Have a picnic lunch or take a stroll around the area to appreciate the lush greenery and Parliament Hill’s scenic views. If you want to squeeze in a workout, jog along the heath’s paths or take a dip in one of its famous ponds.

Kenwood House

A peek inside Kenwood House (Photo: english-heritage.org.uk)

You mustn't leave Hampstead without visiting Kenwood House. This 17th-century neoclassical mansion sits at the north of the heath and remains one of London’s hidden gems. Allow yourself to be transported back in time with its vast collection of interiors and breathtaking art, amassed through the years. What’s great is that entrance is absolutely free. Now, how do you cap off your
stay at Hampstead? Have a ladies’ brunch in a charming café or a romantic dinner with the
beau in one of the restaurants. 

gold evening sandals
vegan sandals women's

Round out your Hampstead visit in a dinner-ready ensemble, paired with Venus.
(Model: VEERAH warrior, @educruezet

For more information on Hampstead Heath and other activities you can do there,
visit: www.hampsteadheath.net.

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