AUG 17, 2020

Celebrity Stylist Nola Singer Reveals Her Latest Venture

Discover how this stylist to the stars is turning her passion into purpose. 

With everything happening in the world today, we can’t help but feel anxious for what tomorrow will bring. That said, we are grateful to have a platform where we can share stories of truly inspiring women. They are girl bosses in their own right who are making their voices heard, while pursuing their passions. We hope that like us, you too can learn a thing or two from their journeys.

LA-based celebrity stylist

Meet Celebrity Stylist and Rescue Rosé founder, Nola Singer

Nola Singer  is an LA-based celebrity stylist—whom we’ve already had the privilege of working with—whose clients include Mena Suvari , Naomie Harris , and Ireland Baldwin . Her work has been featured in The Hollywood Reporter (named one of the 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood for 2017), Vogue , Refinery 29 , and more. We caught up with Nola and heard about her latest venture, Rescue Rosé , a startup that benefits animals in need. Just ahead, we did a deep dive and got to know more about this creative entrepreneur and what drives her each day.

VEERAH: You are one talented Celebrity Stylist but we want to know, how did you get your start?

NS: Thank you! I [have] always loved fashion and been creative... I studied art in Florence, Italy during college. I also worked at some amazing boutiques in LA. I interned for Phillip Bloch and he promoted me after my first week to [be] his main styling assistant. While working with Phillip, I had a boyfriend who was in a band. I started styling them and then met an actress who wanted to work with me, and I just kept getting more clients. I also designed handmade jewelry from one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that also connected me with a lot of actresses. They would come over to borrow jewelry for an event and I would help style their looks.

comfy black heels

Actress Mena Suvari rocks a modern feminine look in our Mulan Midnight Black pumps, styled by Nola Singer (Photos from Getty Images )

VEERAH: What are your go-to vegan fashion brands when styling animal-loving celebrities?

NS: I love VEERAH's vegan shoes—so beautiful and chic. Accessories make an outfit. You could be in a vintage t-shirt and jeans but if you have amazing shoes and jewelry, the look is made. I [also] love vintage clothes. The Way We Wore in LA has an extensive and beautiful selection. I also love [the brands] Amur, Osklen, Aiifoss, Studio 189, Reformation , and N-DuoSonia Boyajian’s jewelry is incredible. She hand makes the jewelry in her Los Angeles studio and every piece is a work of art.

VEERAH: You are doing an awesome job with Rescue Rosé! What drove this initiative?

NS: I decided to blend my animal rescue work with my love for a stylish California rosé wine. Rescue Rosé is made from Pinot Noir grapes from Sonoma County. It’s a Provence-style rosé produced at Gravity Wine House in Santa Rosa, California. Each bottle sold donates a portion of proceeds to benefit Love Leo Rescue to help save animals in need in Los Angeles, California. Love Leo is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that saves thousands of dogs and helps them find their forever homes.


Nola launched Rescue Rosé right before the lockdown happened (MARCH 2020)

VEERAH: What has been the most challenging part to start Rescue Rosé?

NS: I launched the wine a week before the pandemic. There have been a lot of challenges. Los Angeles closed restaurants. I was planning to have a launch party which had to be cancelled. I was also planning to do a wine tasting and adoption events, which is not safe now. I am trying to focus on being grateful for my health and for everyone ordering and reordering wine. I think Rosé helps make staying in more fun and reduces stress—and alcohol kills germs! The best part of my wine is every bottle helps animals in need.

VEERAH: What has been the most rewarding part to start Rescue Rosé?

Being able to drink a delicious rosé and help animals. I think the most rewarding thing will be to see the brand grow and be able to hopefully help a lot more animals.


A portion of proceeds from every bottle sold on Rescue Rosé goes to Love Leo Rescue


Nola’s rosé is actually vegan and gluten-free. Awesome right?

VEERAH: You must have gone through a number of wine bottles just to perfect your rosé. We want to know, what are the qualities of good wine?

NS: I worked with this incredible winemaker to make the wine. I found him ‘cause I am a big fan of his wine and he crafts the most delicious rosé. The wine is produced at a certified sustainable vineyard and they have a lot of organic practices that show in the taste. The wine is [actually] vegan and gluten-free. This heavenly blend of Rescue Rosé is a light Provence style Rosé Blush in color; it’s fragrant, floral, crisp, and light bodied with fresh fruit accents. 

VEERAH: Thank you for supporting dog rescues. Any tips for first-time dog mommas? 

NS:You can always try fostering a dog for a rescue before you adopt. This is a great way to make sure it’s the right fit for you and the dog. Also now is a great time to foster or adopt since people are spending more time at home. It takes time and patience to help an animal adjust to a new environment.

I adopted an eight year old lab mix who came housebroken, knew commands and easily fit into my life. A lot of older dogs are mellow, sweet, and just want love. I highly advocate adopting older dogs if you have a hectic lifestyle. So many puppies and younger dogs also need homes. If you adopt a puppy, know that they are a lot of work and need to be trained. Some dogs, unfortunately, had a rough start so it takes some time for them to feel safe and learn. I think one of the best things in life is to witness the transformation of an animal learning to trust and act like a dog. It is so rewarding to see an animal learn to engage, play and become a happy dog. Animals give unconditional love, which everyone could use right now.


What makes Nola’s cause rewarding? You get to enjoy a delicious rosé and help animals in need.


Nola suggests fostering a dog first before deciding to adopt. She says it’s a great way for you to know if you and the dog are meant to be. 

Nola is indeed a passionista—a fashion entrepreneur/enthusiast and an animal lover rolled into one. Not everyone can pour their heart out for a cause such as this, which makes it all the more admirable. We applaud you, Nola!

Found new inspo from Nola? Follow her on Instagram @nolasinger. And, be sure to check out Rescue Rosé for more details on how you can support this tail-wagging good cause.

Photos from Nola Singer

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