March 3, 2024

Jamie Logan is Leading the Next Generation to a Stronger and Better Vegan Future

From "Jamie's Corner" to global campaigns, this animal rights New Yorker and vegan powerhouse is just getting started.

We totally sheep this woman!

Meet Jamie Logan, a fearless NYC-based animal rights advocate, filmmaker, and media personality. With over 75 million views of her animal rights films, she is the force behind "Jamie's Corner", a popular YouTube show and podcast, where she uses her voice and unique sense of humor to educate people on the street about how their food gets to their plate. She's now rocking it at Generation Vegan, crafting impactful international campaigns, provocative films, plant-based drives, and more social media magic.

VEERAH: How has your upbringing in New York City influenced your activism and personality?

Jamie Logan: Growing up in New York City shaped my independence and bold personality. I was exposed to many different cultures, backgrounds, and opinions from a young age. By the age of 12, I was taking public transportation to school. At 15, I was in the VIP section of Manhattan’s top clubs, and by 18 I was sneaking into slaughterhouses and fighting one of the most oppressive industries of our time, animal agriculture.

V: Can you share a pivotal moment that sealed your commitment to animal rights activism?

JL: The first time I was exposed to the truth behind the food industry was when I was 13 years old. I was visiting my grandparents in Indiana one summer and I saw a livestock truck on the highway. I remember sitting in the car with my dog and thinking there was no difference between my beloved pet and the pigs on the truck headed to be killed. From there I decided to go pescatarian and then throughout high school I went back and forth a bit before finally committing to going vegan when I turned 18. 

I began to realize that simply going vegan was not enough. If we want change, we must actively speak up for the animals. I started attending Anonymous for the Voiceless cubes and then I started going to slaughterhouse vigils where I would give cows and sheep water before they were taken inside. One look in their eyes and knowing I couldn’t save them was the moment I knew I’d forever fight for them, and the lives lost after them. I then began my filmmaking career creating videos about animal rights that would reach millions of people.

We stan a brave, bold warrior!

V: How do you tackle raising awareness about animal rights and veganism in your podcast? What topics resonate the most with your audience?

JL: I tailor my outreach depending on who I am talking to. Some people are more interested in the animal rights part of it, others are into the health benefits of a plant-based diet, and some people are really concentrated on going vegan for the environment. My podcast features a variety of topics touching on each one of these categories. I love hearing about the different stories people have that lead them to veganism because it goes to show that anyone can have love and compassion in their hearts for animals.

She is Generation Vegan’s mover, shaker, and Next Girl.

V: Congratulations on "The Next Girl"! How does this powerful short film align with your broader activist mission, and what impact are you hoping it will make?

JL: Thank you so much! The Next Girl film means so much to me and it was truly an honor to play this role considering how close to my heart the subject matter is. The film aligns with my mission because it tells the story of a dairy cow from a human perspective. People will see the pain my character goes through and when they discover I’m actually portraying the life of a dairy cow, we are hoping this film inspires empathy and helps them make the connection.

V: Balancing podcasting, activism, and life—how do you keep it fun and stay on top of it all? Any quick tips for a lively work-life mix?

JL: It can sometimes be hard to balance the three being that my job, my hobbies, and my friends all kind of tie into veganism. I think knowing when to relax and wind down is important so a lot of times on the weekends I will enjoy cozy nights in with my partner, I will go to yoga and other exercise classes throughout the week, and I’m working on trying to meditate and journal more. I also absolutely love what I do! I can’t imagine working somewhere that I’m not passionate about. My job at Generation Vegan includes social media, pressure campaigns, public speaking, editing, and more. I have a very supportive team and circle around me!

Gen Vegan and Gen Zen supremacy.

V: During Veganuary, when more people are exploring a vegan lifestyle, what advice would you give them to sustain and maintain it?

JL: I think people have this misconception that when you go vegan you are sacrificing something and that is so NOT the case. You can still have delicious ice cream, yummy sausages, and wear fashionable shoes. Find your brand! Don’t just try one vegan product and then if you don’t like it, rule out all vegan products for good. Explore and enjoy the process! You are going to feel so vibrant and the best part is your vegan lifestyle reduces the suffering of others!

V: Can you suggest beginner-friendly resources like books, movies, podcasts, or social media accounts for those embarking on a vegan lifestyle? Where would you recommend they start?

JL: I recommend watching these documentaries: What The Health?CowspiracySeaspiracyGame ChangersOkja. I would follow: EarthlingEdJoey CarbstrongTash Petersoncarolinedeisler, and GenV_Eng.

Jamie killing it (with kindness!) in the Frida vegan pumps in Midnight Black.

V: Which fashion trends or eras inspire your cruelty-free style choices?

JL: There are two sides to me. The side that wants to stay in my "Don’t Eat The Homies" sweatsuit all day and then the lower east side grunge girl wearing my chunky black boots, hoop earrings, and tights with a black skirt. I really need to be better about my fashion choices and I’m so  glad VEERAH is here to help me!

A force to be reckoned with—and she’s just getting started.

V: What future projects or personal goals are you looking forward to in 2024?

JL: I have started a new podcast with PETA which is super exciting! I also plan on working on a full-length documentary as well as producing more vegan art campaigns in collaboration with my friend Praxis. Be on the lookout for more Jamie’s Corner episodes as well!

Follow Jamie on her socials (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube), visit her website, listen to her podcast (plus her new one produced by PETA!), and be part of her journey advocating for animal rights, compassionate living, and overall vegan badassery! 

All photos courtesy of Jamie Logan.