May 29, 2024

Empowering Insights from the Vegan Women Summit: Fashion, Sustainability, and Community | The VEERAH Blog

Uncover the game-changing innovations and powerful community connections shaping the future of vegan fashion.

Rocking my Diamond Dust Hedy Ankle Boots on day two of the VWS summit.

Hello, My Dear Fellow Warriors!

My name is Rose, and I am the Customer Experience and Operations Warrior at VEERAH. This May, I had the opportunity to attend The Vegan Women Summit in Hollywood, CA, which brought together like-minded individuals passionate about veganism, sustainability, and ethical living. As an attendee representing VEERAH, I connected with inspiring industry leaders, dived into insightful discussions, and discovered incredible insights into the intersection of veganism and fashion. Here are four key takeaways from the summit that left a lasting impact on me, and I’m excited to share them with all of you!

1. Building Genuine Connections in the Vegan Community:

One of the most heartwarming lessons from the summit was discovering the importance of building genuine connections to highlight the power of community support. Engaging with fellow vegans, attending local events, and joining online forums can create a joyful sense of belonging and supercharge the movement. This sense of community is crucial for personal growth and the advancement of the vegan lifestyle.

Fellow attendee and speaker, Cassandra McClure, founder of The Clean Beauty Founders Collective and The Clean Beauty Show, beautifully emphasized the importance of empowerment, community, and connection. Cassandra's amazing work showcases how creating supportive networks can lead to significant progress in any field. Her initiatives, such as the Clean Beauty Collective, aim to connect founders in the clean and sustainable beauty industry, providing them with the resources and visibility needed to thrive. 

Inspired by this, I am now more committed to being community-oriented in my efforts, understanding the importance of fostering connections and support within our community.

Getting red carpet ready with Venus Stiletto Sandal, styled with Lupine Shoe Clips.

Here's the final look, excited to mingle with like-minded fashionistas!

2. The Role of Innovation in Sustainable Fashion:

One of the exciting insights from the summit was the vibrant commitment to innovation in sustainable fashion. The "Beyond Plastic in Fashion" discussion panel, featuring Desiree Dupuis of VOES & CO, Silvia Gallo of Jeane & Jax, and Stephanie Downs of Uncaged Innovations, highlighted the challenges and successes in developing alternatives to traditional materials. 

These brilliant speakers discussed searching for innovative materials: Desiree Dupuis spoke about cactus, Silvia Gallo about recycled materials, and Stephanie Downs about using biotechnology/biomaterials to replicate leather's quality and durability, blending nature and technology to reimagine materials. 

It's safe to say that the future looks bright for us and generations to come! By choosing products made from sustainable sources, you can spread the word about these advancements, play a significant role in promoting eco-friendly fashion, and of course, be part of saving the planet!

3. Influencers and Media Shaping the Future of Vegan Fashion:

In the age of Influencers and media personalities, they have become a pivotal part in shaping the future of vegan fashion. Their platforms and voices have the power to spark trends and influence consumer perceptions. Engaging with influencers like Jamie Logan, along with media outlets like UnchainedTV led by Jane Velez-Mitchell, not only opens doors to broader audiences but also elevates the visibility of vegan fashion initiatives. Jamie, with her substantial following, embodies the potential of media influence, while platforms like UnchainedTV provide dedicated spaces for amplifying vegan voices.

Collaborating with these influential figures and platforms enables vegan fashion brands to reach new audiences, challenge existing perceptions, and catalyze positive change within the fashion industry. As consumer awareness continues to grow, media partnerships become invaluable tools in advancing the ethos of compassion, sustainability, and style inherent in vegan fashion.*To learn more about how Jamie Logan is leading the generation to a stronger and better vegan future here.

Model and entrepreneur Talita Trygsland at the red carpet event wearing Venus in Black Tie.

Talita and I shoe twinning in our Venus Stiletto Sandals.

4. The Power of Inclusivity and Representation Collaborative Partnerships:

Lastly, the diversity showcased at the Vegan Women Summit serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of inclusivity and representation within the vegan fashion movement. From models like Juri Watanabe (Miss Universe Japan 2021) and Talita Trygsland, to ethical writers like Jill Ettinger of and Victoria Featherstone Pearce of Diary of a K-9 Angel, diverse voices contribute rich perspectives and drive progress.

This diversity is a powerful tool for bonding people together. By seeking out and supporting diverse voices and brands that support your journey, you help build a stronger, more connected community. Embracing inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and unity, making the vegan fashion movement more vibrant and welcoming for everyone.

Final Thoughts

The Vegan Women Summit was an incredible platform for creating meaningful connections, sparking innovative ideas, and encouraging inclusive dialogue, all driving positive change in the world of vegan fashion. As we continue to champion sustainability and ethical living, let's embrace the power of community, innovation, and inclusivity to create a brighter, more compassionate future. Whether you're a seasoned vegan fashion enthusiast or just starting your journey, the insights from the summit empower us all to make a positive impact in the fashion industry while staying true to our values.

Keep Killin’ It With Kindness,