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    VEERAH (vee-rah), derived from warrior in Sanskrit, is a mission-driven luxury shoe company founded for women to to make a positive impact as they conquer the world in impeccable style. Luxuriously crafted and responsibly sourced with cruelty-free materials, we are committed to always “Do Good. Look Incredible.”

    VEERAH is rooted in the belief that today’s modern women aka #VEERAHwarriors are the embodiment of strength, femininity, and compassion. They take on every endeavor with great conviction, character and confidence and so should their shoes. Your lifestyle demands a shoe that not only keeps up but always stays one step ahead of the game.

    VEERAH Warriors 1-10-100 Battle Plan: Let’s grow together and give back!
    at least 1% of proceeds are directly contributed to social impact causes
    10 hours
    10 paid hours per month for VEERAH employees to volunteer and take self-improvement courses
    100 connections
    for every 100 customer interviews we conduct, we sponsor a one-year scholarship for a She’s The First girl scholar
    Empowered Women Empower Other Women
    There are still 130 million girls out of school today. We want to fight for education equality and help cultivate the next generation of fearless women - a.k.a. VEERAH Warriors.
    STF/Kate Lord Photography

    Through scholarships provided by She’s the First, girl scholars in low income countries receive academic education, mentorship, tutoring, life skills training, school supplies and lunches throughout their school year.

    “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor to help give more access to healthcare across Nepal.” - Sunita
    VEERAH’s She’s The First Girl Scholar
    STF/Kate Lord Photography

    We are proud to be a Benefit Corporation. That means we define our goals based on positive impacts on society, community and the environment. VEERAH creates high quality footwear that is made responsibly with cruelty-free materials and mindfully designed for the modern woman.

    100% cruelty free.
    designed consciously and sourced responsibly.
    cultivate the next generation of fearless women a.k.a. VEERAH warriors!
    luxuriously crafted versatile accessories to individualize your look.
    impeccable style 24/7.
    easily change your look as you travel a million steps... or one.

    VEERAH is comprised of a driven team of women with dedicated experience in fashion, technology and nonprofits across the globe. We have worked together, played together and learned together (and from one another) for over 20 years combined.

    Founder & Chief Warrior
    “I don’t want to sacrifice style for a plant-based lifestyle and I also don’t want to hurt any life for beauty. I am proud that VEERAH is able to merge style, quality and compassion for wise women today.”
    Operations Warrior
    “It’s always a catch-22 whenever I go on short work trips. Bring too much and I risk delaying the group. Bring too little and I lack options. I am happy that VEERAH creates shoes that literally multiply my looks.”
    Communications Warrior
    “The fashion industry has a lot of power to impact the world we live in. I am so lucky to be part of a company that focuses on responsible sourcing and design as well as giving back through a partnership with a great non-profit organization (She’s the First).”